I am Ywe Cærlyn AKA Bit8. I am a computerinterested philosopher and muscician.

I became interested in Truth nearing my teenager years.

I´ve been using the nick Bit since the late 80s on Commodore 64. When I was a kid and started getting into programming. “Hacking” as some call it. La Hacc also being a name of The Giad in (latinized) arabic, meaning The Truth. Then on Amiga, where I used it mostly for music. Part of the evolving Trance genre, often said to be a mystical thing. It was a sphere where SIN was used in electronic schematics. And S i D (approximate latinization) was used for homecomputer design. And Ta was used for synthesizer design. They are all concepts of The Giad, from The Kuran. And some used the peace greeting. And then I got deeper into philosophy, and became a muzlim. No doubt related. And later realized TaSIN, can unify them, probably in open source now. TaSIN can be symbolized by an 8, which many already believe have something to do with The Giad.

This website is based on my own personal research of Izlam. It correlates much with the “Kuran Alone” camp of Izlam.

Please read my posts for more.

I can be contacted at Yca 567 Bit8.net