Mystical trance, is a part of religious culture many places. The genré trance music seems based on this, and really compatible with Maruf not Munkar principles (Take the good, and not the bad).

I have had a trance music hobby, and revisit it from time to time, and was inspired a new track, as I was working on the stuff for this website.

I made a little video on Youtube: Go With TaSIN (IT oriented muzlim Trance!)

You can also download a full CD quality version for free: (click on right side)

Its made with Renoise, a so called tracker music app.

Perfecting trance, is probably is the closest to a modern muzlim genre, if done right, in modern culture.

I also uploaded some earlier stuff to youtube: IT P.L.U.R. (1997, remixed)

Remixed a few years back, with surplus samples of analog synth from the time, and video added. Originally made with Cubase, as many tried more conventional sequencers for a while. And remixed in Logic Audio. 1997 was just before 3d-acceleration really happened, and “demoscene” was at it´s coolest, with handmade algorithms.

The P.L.U.R. (Peace Unity Love Respect) movement was a big thing at the time, in Trance music. They often used the peace greeting, that is from monotheism originally. It was a precursor to Izlam for me, and I became a muzlim in 2001, going with the real Ilah, rather than Ale.

And an early track, from my time in the demoscene: Rebel Assault

This is from the early 90s, and the demoscene. A phenomena about demo works. It used only the 4 channels of the Amiga homecomputer, which was an early multimedia computer. Often also called computer art, and demoscene for some has been a pre-thing, before games company work etc. I would go on to philosophy.

Demos in the 90s would feature vector graphics, before the 3d-accelerated games that started coming at the end of the 90s. (Quake 2, Unreal, MDK, Half Life, etc). And such had a bigger interest group than now, when games have mostly taken over the phenomena. For a while there, it was done in software though, and optimal fast code really mattered. One can wonder if the same intent is reflected in Trance aswell, where music is very optimally produced aswell.

We didn´t like Bill Gates (The Atheist) back then, and still today Windows is little valued by enthusiasts. I personally would rather see 8x, unifying open source software and hardware. Atheism really do not have the philosophical backgrond for fair pay, to not speak of all the philosophical things The Kuran covers. Mainly that of no idolatry.